Facebook ADs

Facebook Advertisements (Facebook Ads)

Facebook Advertisement platform is created to Advertise your Business in Facebook by targeting Specific Demographic, Interest Categories and Locations. It is also possible to track the results by using Facebook Conversion Pixels and Insights.

LocSea has Facebook Marketing Professionals to setup and optimise your Facebook Advertisement Campaigns. It is a key to form various campaign types like Page Likes, Visitors to Website, Boost Post and other formats targeting specific segment. This helps us evaluate the performance from different campaigns and spend our budget on better performing campaigns.

Facebook Advertising Campaigns will have great reach and will be used for Branding.


  1. You will own your Facebook Ads account. If you do not have one, we will help you create one.
  2. We will be handling your Facebook Ads account from LocSea’s Facebook Business Manager account. You will have to provide required permission to access your Facebook Ads account by adding our team as managers.
  3. Please provide details about your Marketing Campaign like Products / Services, Target Location, Website details, …
  4. We will be generating Facebook Conversion Pixels and will request you or your web development team to paste it in your website.


  1. Monthly Reports will be generated with Top Performing Ads, Budget Spent, Month on Month progress and conversions.